Why Chimney Inspection Is Important?

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How to do chimney inspection

When you have a chimney, it’s important to make sure it is inspected regularly. Regular inspection help find chimney problems before those problems result in damage to your home or more serious situations.  Homeowners don’t do chimney inspection and ignore it by thinking that it is not necessary. Even most of them are unaware of chimney inspection. We mostly hear the following questions from a lot of homeowners:

What is a chimney inspection?
Why do I need a chimney inspection?
When do I need a chimney inspection?

Well, if you also have the same questions in mind, so now, you are at the right place. Here you will find detailed answers to your questions. Moreover, we will also let you know how to do a chimney inspections. 

How often chimneys be inspected:

The length of time your chimney can go without inspection depends on a few factors. Typically, chimneys are inspected annually. If there have been earthquakes or storms that could have damaged your chimney, then it’s important to consider an inspection regardless of how much time has passed since the last inspection.  You should also consider how often you use your fireplace. 

Chimney inspections could be a hard task for you, so now, you can save your efforts and time by contacting Pro Chimney Sweep. Pro Chimney Sweep is a professional service that helps you with chimney cleaning, repairing, and inspection.

Why chimneys should be inspected?

The other question that arises in our mind is that what is the reason that chimneys should be inspected?

Chimneys should be inspected to make sure they’re in good working condition. Beyond that, inspections are important because they can catch problems with the chimney early on. This could save you thousands of dollars, allowing for easier repairs.

 If there are any signs of damage to your chimney, an inspections can help identify the problem.  The inspection can also determine if you need to clean your fireplace.  For a quick and affordable chimney cleaning, you can contact Pro Chimney Sweep. 

Risks of not getting chimney inspections:

If you decide not to get your chimney inspected, the likelihood is that it will continue to gather creosote and debris. In some cases, animals may try to move into your chimney, too.  Blockages, creosote buildup, and other issues can lead to problems such as smoke entering your home or chimney fires, which could put your life at risk. So to prevent these risks chimney must be inspected.

When do you need to get a chimney inspection?

You have to inspect the chimney in the following situations:

  1. You are making a change to your systems like installing a new appliance, replacing your flue liner, or changing fuel types or appliance types.
  2. You are having a problem with your chimney system, or you have noticed a change in performance.
  3. You have had a chimney fire, severe weather, or other significant events that could have damaged the chimney system.
  4. You are moving into a new home.

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