Why Choose Us?

As a chimney sweep company, we specialize in chimney inspections, chimney repairs, and chimney sweep services. With our efficient team, we will handle everything from chimney inspections to chimney cleaning and repairs.

In Santa Monica, we provide the best chimney repair service.

Among the top chimney repair companies in this area, we are known for our quality workmanship and efficiency. In order to handle any kind of complex work on chimneys, we have a skilled team and the latest technologies at our disposal.

Our Top Services

Chimney Sweeping

We provide a professional chimney sweeping service in us which we clear out the build-up creosote from your chimney and fireplace. We use branded products for this task that makes the chimney work efficiently.

Chimney Inspections

Whether you are going to own a house or you are facing issues with your chimney, through our best chimney inspection service, we will track the problems in your chimney. We perform level 1, level 2, and level 3 inspections for great results.

Chimney Repairs

If you have found any damages or cracks in your chimney, our industry-leading experts will repair all those damages. Whether it is an installation of the flue caps, prefab fireplace screens, or any other kind of repairing, we will provide you best chimney repair service is a very affordable price.

Our industry-leading experts

Whether you need a chimney inspection or chimney cleaning, we are the chimney repair experts you should turn to.Our services cover all aspects of chimney repair and cleaning, including inspections, repairs, and services.


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